Banro Foundation

Banro Foundation Wins Award

The Banro Foundation received a major award on June 8, 2016 at the DRC Mining Industry Awards for its social investment programs in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The Award for "Community Development and Local Content" recognizes the mining company, business or individual that best supports mining and the local or wider community. In making the award to the Banro Foundation, the organizers said: "Since its creation, the Banro Foundation has completed more than 70 projects and invested more than US$5.5 million. The Banro Foundation's approach to community development with a 'shared value' approach is unique in DRC. The Foundation understands that the competitiveness of Banro and the health of the communities around it are mutually dependent and thus invests accordingly."

The is the second year in a row that Banro has been recognized at the DRC Mining Industry Awards for its social investment programs. In 2015, Banro Corporation won the Award for "Best Social Investment Programs." The DRC Mining Industry Awards are held as part of DRC Mining Industry Week, which brings together leaders from mining, investment, government, and non-governmental organizations.

The Banro Foundation is the Company’s vehicle for investing in long-term community development.

Created in 2005 and operating solely in the DRC, the Banro Foundation has a mandate to improve the quality of life and opportunities for individuals and communities near Banro's operations. The priority investment areas of the Banro Foundation - Education, Health and Social Infrastructure Development - were selected following consultations with local communities and their leaders, central and provincial government officials and Catholic Church authorities in the months leading up to the commencement of Banro's exploration activities in November 2004.

The Banro Foundation also provides Humanitarian Assistance as required and helps to sponsor major community events. Recently, it launched a new priority area -- fostering sustainable agricultural projects in communities near Banro's operations.

Among the principles guiding the work of the Banro Foundation is a focus on needs identified by local community leaders, with priority given to projects that benefit communities as a whole. Promotion of opportunities for women is an important guiding principle of the Foundation.

Since its creation, the Banro Foundation has completed over 70 social development projects. The Foundation is a registered charity in the DRC; a sister charity in Canada, the Banro Congo Charity, raises funds for construction of health clinics and schools in the DRC.